A Hint of Spring in the Air

Well who can believe we are nearing the end of February already, and yes a hoorah and fist pump in the air is perfectly reasonable! Despite the on off showers, and the occasional plunging into darkness that is the weather here in Devon today, Spring glorious Spring is most definitely in the air. From the Garden Room this week I have watched Jays making busy, gathering materials to make nests, and spent a happy hour or two tidying up the lavender beds and clearing leaves from the over burdened lawn. Looking out onto a moments sunshine is a powerful remedy to the dark short days of January. So if like me you can feel the weight of the winter lifting from your shoulders, make haste and grasp that new found energy, think about what you want to achieve and where you want to be this year. That little positive energy boost that we all feel at this time of year can be empowering so use it to gain some focus and make a positive change today.

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